Ross Thiele & Son is a full-service residential interior design studio providing design services and furnishings for high end, new construction and refurbishment projects.

Offering design services from the San Diego area for over 90 years, our team delivers all aspects of interior design including space planning and interior layouts, design of all fixed interior architectural features including kitchens and bathrooms, and design and procurement of all furnishings including loose furniture, decorative lighting, window treatments, and accessories.

Every project has a unique brief and context. We always start by establishing key aesthetic and practical design concepts to achieve the client’s goals. We then develop the design scheme to ensure the use of interior space is optimized, all interior features are practical and intuitive, and all furnishings work harmoniously to create a comfortable living environment.

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Range of Services

  • Interior space planning and furniture layouts
  • Concept design and development
  • Interior architectural design including kitchens, bathrooms and built-in wardrobes
  • Lighting design
  • Documentation of interior architectural design with 2-D drawings
  • Selection and documentation of interior materials, hardware, and fixtures
  • Preliminary furnishing budgets
  • Furnishing design schemes including loose furniture, decorative lighting and window treatments
  • Procurement and installation of furnishing design schemes
  • Accessories and styling